Black Ops II PC discs surprise players with Mass Effect 2 data

Well this is something of a hairy situation: we're getting reports that claim some Black Ops II PC discs actually contain data for Mass Effect 2 instead of, you know, the game advertised on the front of the box. One Redditor has compiled a list of links that all lead to complaints of these Mass Effect 2 discs in disguise, and YouTube zeroiez has captured the rather confusing mix up on video for the whole world to see. Sounds like someone made a pretty big mistake.

Specifically, it seems that disc 2 in some copies of Black Ops II actually house install data for Mass Effect 2. Luckily, physical copies of the PC version come with Steam codes, so those who ended up buying half of one game and half of another can redeem the codes and download a complete copy of Black Ops II. This is clearly a mistake in the manufacturing process, with someone labeling Mass Effect 2 discs as Black Ops II discs instead.

Of course, Mass Effect and Call of Duty have nothing to do with one another and are made by entirely different developers and publishers. Mass Effect is an Electronic Arts series while Call of Duty is an Activision series, and many of you know that Activision and EA have a rivalry that goes back years. Aside for the annoyance this is bound to cause PC players who opted for a physical copy of the game, the whole situation is quite funny. Check out the video below for evidence of the mixed up discs, but be warned that it contains some salty language.

At the moment, neither Activision nor Electronic Arts have commented on the mix up, though we're pretty sure they're just as confused as all the rest of us. In any case, if you were planning to pick up a physical copy of Black Ops II on PC today, it might be a better idea just to skip it and go through Steam since there's a chance you'll end up there anyway. Have any of you PC players found a Mass Effect 2 disc masquerading as Black Ops II, or was your copy good to go?

[via Joystiq]