Black Hole Faraday Bag keeps your iPhone from tracking you

If you are really paranoid about The Man keeping track of you via your iPhone throughout your travels with your smartphone or other electronic device there is a way you can keep those singles from emanating from your device until you need it. You could take out the battery and carry your phone as parts like they do in spy flicks, or you could just get this special bag that promises to block signals to and from your gadget. The bag is called the Standard Black Hole Faraday Bag.

It looks like a soldiers pencil bag to me. It is made from some sort of flexible material that has effective electromagnetic shielding built in to block those signals you worry so much about. I think this would be the perfect complement to the tin foil hat to keep your thoughts from being read. The outer canvas shell of the bag is water-resistant. The bag also has a special little slot in side that you can slip notes into so you can keep up with how many times a day you see the black helicopter following you around.

One side of the Black Hole Bag is canvas and the other is made from a clear material so you can see the screen of your device. I'm not sure why you would want to see the screen since your iPhone won't get a signal and won't be usable. I guess you can play Angry Birds without The Matrix finding you. The outside of the bag is 8.2" x 7.8" and you can buy one for $79. Paranoia isn't cheap is it? The bags also come in larger sizes as well if you still rock the 80's mobile phone.