Black Friday Tips: Hunt for Savings Online and Skip the Lines

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A lot of people like to get a head start on their holiday shopping by jumping right into the madness on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. But following the big feast, it can be difficult to drag yourself out of bed Friday morning, super early, only to stand in line after to line to maybe get a good deal. Lucky for you, we've compiled some of the greatest savings to be had this Friday and here's the really great part: you can get them all online. That means no standing out in the cold at 5 a.m. in the dark waiting for store doors to open. No squeezing through stores and sorting through picked over merchandise. Convinced yet? Then, let's get right to the savings offers you should take advantage of this Black Friday, without leaving your home.

Getting in on the best Black Friday deals is all about knowing where to hunt. Let's start with the no-brainers first. If you're going to shop anywhere online this week, let it be Amazon. In fact, they have turned Black Friday into a week long event. Each day, you can take part in different sales and offers. They're calling it Black Fri-DAILY, and while today you can save 60% on select headphones, and get other products at great prices, we're almost positive the deals will only get better as the week progresses. has several deals going on before Black Friday as well, including a limited offer on a Hanns-G 22" LCD Display. You can get a great list of products that are on sale at Black Friday prices all week at Black Friday Ads.

Even physical retailers are getting in on the action by offering up exclusive online savings. Take Wal-Mart, for example. You can get everything from toys to electronics for serious bargains. The big electronics stores like Best Buy and Circuit City and office supply stores are offering up big discounts all week.

It all comes down to research. Instead of standing out in the cold on Friday morning, half asleep and stomach aching from over indulging, just sit at your computer and search for sales. You can actually start your shopping now. But if you're a traditionalist, you're going to want to keep sites like PlanetBargains, FatWallet and TechBargains on hand for the latest sales info. Have a great Thanksgiving, don't eat too much and happy shopping!