Black DS Lites Head to Japan

Benjamin Nied - Jul 12, 2006

The black DS Lite, the awesomest-looking version of Nintendo’s gem of a handheld, is finally headed to Japan, where it will join the already-available colors of Polar White (what we got in the USA), Light Blue, Enamel Blue, and Pink. This means that the Japanese have an assortment of DS Lite colors to pick from, and we still only have Polor White. Phooey. Anyway, the black DS Lite will cost 16,800 yen ($145.00 USD) and will be available on September 2nd. So, if you’ve been waiting for a black DS Lite because Polar White isn’t leet (1337) enough for you, now you can import one from Japan starting in September. No word on a US launch for the black DS Lite.

[via Newlaunches]

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