BizCafe: The Cafe of the Future?

The BizCafe, a new design concept from the folks at SADI, a design school in South Korea, promises an environment where you can not only get some coffee, you can remain completely connected as well. It features a multi-touch table that will display your cell phone screen on the table and charge your phone at the same time. And before you go, you can dump your coffee into a device that uses the water to humidify the room. Find out more about this concept and see what it would look like after the cut.

If you tire of looking down at the table, you can also switch the screen to view it in front of you. Or, if you are just tired of working or surfing the interwebz and need a rest, the display will show you relaxing images of leaves and stuff.

There would also be a partition between seats, lest you actually have to look at the person next to you. You can make it opaque, and it can also update you on the weather, or show advertisements. And if you should need to print, a printer will be available as well, but it will feature the ability to remove the ink from the paper if you made a mistake, and re-use the paper.

Should you look for at least some of these concepts at a Starbucks near you? Maybe sooner than you think. More concept artwork below:

[via Yanko Design]