Bizarre UnReal automated Selfie Stick has fans and lighting

Selfie sticks are the sort of thing that many of us find to be very irritating and annoying when people are using them. That doesn't stop the selfie prone folks out there from using them in public and using them frequently. Typically, a selfie stick is a telescoping pole that the user has to unfurl to use, but the UnReal automated selfie stick makes it easier to be annoying.

This selfie stick has batteries inside and has a push button that unfurls the selfie stick for you. That button also folds the stick back up when you are done taking photos. Another oddity that the UnReal selfie stick offers is a pair of fans on the handle to give you the windblown hair look.

I'm dubious that the two small diameter fans can create enough airflow to actually blow your hair back. They might help with a breeze to keep you from sweating in the heat though. UnReal also has a pair of slide out beauty lights that help light your selfies better. It has a rather gigantic handle to hide the fans when folded.

The big question here is if this is a real product or not. There is a TV show on Lifetime called UnReal that follows producers behind the scenes on a reality TV show that this product is tired to. I'm rather thinking this is some sort of tie in but having never watched the show I don't get how a strange selfie stick might be a form of advertising for a TV show. Then again, it may be a real product, it's certainly presented as that and we don't see a hint of the TV show until a brief flash of one of the characters at the end. I think a lot of folks would actually buy the product if it's real.