Bizarre Massage Mouse debuts

There seems to be no shortage of odd gadgets and computer peripherals that come out of Japan. We have seen a number of peripherals over the years that you can plug into USB ports to keep you warm or cool. A new computer accessory has surfaced from Japan called the Massage Mouse from a company called Art Factory.

The mouse does exactly what its name implies; it vibrates to massage your hand or your body when you need a break from working. The mouse promises a comfortable and stylish design that appears to be ambidextrous. The mouse has a touch-sensitive surface for buttons and scrolling. It also has integrated LED lights along the edge of the mouse to make it look like it's glowing.

The mouse itself is wireless and ships with a charging stand that connects to your computer via USB. The mouse has three different massage modes indicated by buttons on the side for A, B, C. There are 10 different vibration levels that can be accessed with button A. Button B allows the user to choose continuous vibration or pulsating vibration patterns.

Button C reduces the vibration level and when the vibration stops the mouse automatically goes back into mouse mode. It also goes back into the mouse mode within 30 seconds of massage mode being activated if the mouse isn't picked up and used. The mouse uses optical tracking technology and will be on display at CES in January of 2013. Pricing and availability are unannounced.