BitTorrent Now is now available across full Apple ecosystem

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 15, 2016, 4:52 pm CDT
BitTorrent Now is now available across full Apple ecosystem

BitTorrent Now, the company’s streaming service unveiled in recent months, is now available across all of Apple’s devices. In a statement today, BitTorrent announced that BitTorrent Now can be used on both iOS devices and on the Apple TV, arguably the two most common platforms that Apple users will watch it through. The service allows users to stream content, including video and music, from independent artists.

Joining BitTorrent Now is BitTorrent Live, a live streaming service, and that streaming service will have its own news network. BitTorrent has been working quickly to get its news network up and running, seeking a news director last month and now, shortly after appointing that news director, announcing that the first broadcast will take place in Cleveland this Monday for the RNC.

The mixture of services underscores BitTorrent’s most recent business efforts, the combination of which tap both of the most popular ways to consume media — through streaming of both the live and the video-on-demand variety. Livestreaming content has become particularly popular this year with the growth of things like Periscope and the launch of live-over-Internet TV services like PlayStation Vue.

It’s still yet to be seen whether BitTorrent Live and BitTorrent Now will catch the public’s eye in any significant way. In addition to being available across Apple’s devices, BitTorrent Now users can also download the app for Android. For now, BitTorrent Live is available on Apple TV, but it’ll be coming to Mac, Android and iOS soon.

SOURCE: BitTorrent Blog

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