Bioo pot uses plants to charge your phone

A team has launched what they say is the first plant pot capable of charging your phone, and it's called Bioo. The pot is said to produce electricity in a roundabout way from the plant's photosynthesis, giving users a green alternative to solar chargers for powering up their gadgets. The pot features a charging port that's disguised as a rock, presumably a battery to store the electricity being generated, and more.

As explained in the video, the Bioo pot features a so-called "biomass nest" that is rife with microorganisms once exposed to water. A chamber lies between these two nests with a cathode on either side, "biological nanowire," an anode, anaerobic chamber, and more. The biological result from the plant's photosynthesis interacts with it all to release electrons, which are captured and stored to charge your mobile device.

Most of the details are already in place and don't require attention — for the user, using Bioo involves moving the charging-port rock out of the pot, adding water, shaking the pot a bit, then adding the plant and soil on top. According to the pot's creators, the device is water-efficient and has some benefits over solar — it can charge a device two or three times per day, continues to produce energy at night, is smaller than most solar chargers, and, of course, you can add water whenever you need it.

The Bioo team is seeking funding on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, where they have exceeded their 15k Euro goal. The early bird unit is offered for $85 Euro plus shipping, which is 26-percent off the anticipated retail price, assuming the device does make it to market. Several pot colors will be offered in addition to the white shown above.

SOURCE: Indiegogo