Biodegradable drone is designed to melt away if it crashes

The drone you see in the picture here is unique in that it is designed to dissolve over time if it crashes or is abandoned in the environment. It's made from a material called mycelium, which is a root-like fungus. The fungus material is coated in a plant-based cellulose to make it sturdy enough for flight. Inside the biodegradable enclosure, the circuitry is also designed to melt away over time.

That circuitry is made from a silver nanoparticle ink. According to a NASA spokesperson, if the drone crashed in enemy territory and dissolved no one would be able to tell if it was a drone or just some spilled sugar. At least the body of the drone would melt away.

Right now, the drone is using some parts made from non-biodegradable materials. The four propellers are not biodegradable nor are the controls and battery pack. It would be a safe bet that the electric motors that give flight capability wouldn't melt away either.

I would think if the enemy found a pile of batteries, electric motors, and propellers lying out back they would get the idea that a drone was watching even if the body of the drone was gone. There is no indication of how long it takes the drone to degrade when left out in the environment, but it has to take some time leaving it vulnerable to discovery.

SOURCE: Gizmodo