Bing Pong is Microsoft's own search engine game

At some point Google thought it would be fun to turn its logo into a game, and since then we've seen different browser-based games that can be played directly on the search engine's website. Microsoft has decided to do something similar with its own search engine, but it is starting small: with Pong, which involves just two paddles and a square ball bouncing between them. It is the same as the classic game, and can be found simply by searching for it.

You can find Bing Pong by searching for "Pong" on Bing, where a small classic game will show up above the search results. Move your mouse into it, click, and then start playing. You'll play as player 1 competing against Bing, it seems.

Does it feel familiar? Yes, yes it does. But that's okay. There are never too many opportunities to play Pong, even if it does make Microsoft look a little unoriginal or a bit desperate to be like Google.

It isn't clear exactly when Bing added the game, nor if it has others or is planning to have others. A quick search of some other games, like Pacman, turned up just search results. Hit up the timeline below for more recent Bing news!

VIA: Engadget