Bing Launches Autosuggest Flight and Price Predictor Travel Search

Microsoft's Bing already has an edge over Google when it comes to travel search, but now it really ups the game with new Price Predictor and Autosuggest Flight Prices features. This improvement makes it really easy to find the best priced flight just by typing in your destination into the search box.

By typing in something like "Fly to Chica" into the search box, the Autosuggest Flight Prices feature works with the Price Predictor feature to automatically display what it predicts to be the lowest priced flight and during what time period over the next 90 days. All this shows up before you even hit the enter key.

The Autosuggest Flight Prices feature will recognize where you are, for instance Seattle, and and when you type in something like "Fly to Chicago" or "Chicago Flights," the Price Predictor will automatically show up below the search box to show you the best flight price from Seattle to Chicago. Colloquial names such as Chi Town are also recognized, so that you are not required to enter formal city names or airport names.

[via Bing]