Bing adds product purchasing options inside of image search

Microsoft has updated Bing with a load of new features, and among them is a new BETA feature that puts product purchasing options directly inside of Image Search. The feature is akin to the rumors we've been hearing about Pinterest's future, giving those who look at an image in the search results a way to directly purchase it from somewhere like Amazon, depending on where it is available. Also coming with the update is the ability to view pages using the image, related searches, and more.

Among the new features is one that is particularly handy for mobile users — the ability to swipe up on an image in the search results to see all sorts of data pertaining to it, such as different sizes, Pinterest boards that are related, pages with the images, and more. Most interesting are links to online retailers where the customer can purchase the product, if applicable.

For example, if you're looking at a picture of a fishing pole in Bing image search and that fishing pole is available from Amazon, you'll see a link to that page. There's also a list of Pinterest collections that include the picture, related searches that show things similar to whatever you've searched, and more sizes for those times you need a larger version.

The features were announced yesterday, and will be rolling out globally, including to the Bing mobile apps, "over the coming weeks". Until then, check out the timeline below for additional Bing-related news!