Bill Gates Interview yields interesting statements

James Allan Brady - Jan 7, 2008

So Mr. Rothman, our best fiend from over at Gizmodo, got an interview with Bill Gates, that one Microsoft guy. So, what would you ask Bill if you had the chance?

Well I can’t think of anything worthwhile, but Wilson asked him more or less why Microsoft puts out products that just aren’t ready. Bill responded, but they best part came when Bill started making a comparison between Apple and Microsoft saying that Apple has a far narrower agenda and lineup of products which allows them to focus more, and they don’t release new, revolutionary, products that might fail.

Whereas Microsoft feels they have a manifest destiny to be the first to do as much as possible so they research new technology and they also release these products that might fail. One of Bill’s best examples was Xbox Live which wasn’t an entirely new idea, just they way they were offering the service was new, and it wound up succeeding. So, Microsoft releases new products constantly while Apple waits for either someone else to do it first or for them to have time to polish the product.

Bill Gates Explains The Difference Between Microsoft and Apple [via Gizmodo]

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