Bigfoot monster truck goes all-electric, crushes cars in silence

Monster trucks are notorious for being loud gas guzzlers used to crush cars and make manly men yell on the top of their lungs, but Team Bigfoot, known for building the first true monster truck in 1979, has introduced an all-electric version that comes with the same crushing power with less noise and no gasoline.

Ford and EnerSys teamed up with Bigfoot and outfitted the monster truck with 36 EnerSys batteries, as well as a 350HP electric motor, and has claimed to be the first ones to build the first proper EV monster truck. The result is a much quieter car-crushing machine, which takes away a little of the fun, since half of the entertainment is listening to those crazy-loud engines.

The video shows the new all-electric Bigfoot in action, and while it does appear that it doesn't have quite the torque of a true gasoline-powered monster truck, it still has the same crushing power thanks to the immensely-large tires and the weight of those 36 batteries. And while the truck isn't completely silent, you have to admit that it doesn't make a lot of noise compared to traditional monster trucks.

In all, the truck's 36 batteries add an extra 1,375 pounds, and while the system includes on-board battery chargers, there is no word on how long such a job would take, or how long the batteries last on a single charge. Don't expect this new monster truck to be in competitions anytime soon — it's mostly just for show for the time being.