Big surprise – Xbox 360 surpasses the Wii in September sales

Chris Scott Barr - Oct 22, 2007, 6:48 am CST

If you follow gaming news at all, then it’s really no shock that Nintendo has reigned king of the consoles for quite some time now. Microsoft, with a little help from Master Chief, has finally toppled the giant to seat themselves at the top.

I wouldn’t exactly say that Microsoft completely smashed Nintendo’s sales for the month, but they did move 527,000 Xbox 360’s, which was enough to beat the 501,000 Wii and 495,800 DS units sold. The PS3 still isn’t selling like Sony would hope, with only 119,400 being sold in September.

Hopefully with the new price drop and the cheaper 40GB console on the way, Sony can turn things around. The Xbox 360 sales numbers really aren’t a shock, as Halo 3 did $170 million on its first day, and a total of over $300 million in the first week.

Xbox 360 Beats Wii in September Console Sales [via dailytech]

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