Big onion recall hits US and Canada as salmonella outbreak probe continues

The CDC, FDA, and other public health officials have been investigating a multi-state salmonella outbreak that has resulted in more than 600 known illnesses and 129 hospitalizations. Though the probe continues, an update has been shared with the public: the illnesses may be linked back to onions imported over the summer from Mexico, resulting in a voluntary recall.

The salmonella outbreak investigation is ongoing, according to the CDC, which published an update on October 20. As of that date, the agency said there had been 652 confirmed cases involving the outbreak's salmonella strain across 37 states; fortunately, there have been zero deaths. The agency had previously said there was some evidence from patient interviews that onions may be involved in the matter.

In its new update, the agency said that white, yellow, and red onions imported in the United States and Canada from Chihuahua, Mexico, have been recalled in relation to the salmonella outbreak. The onions come from ProSource, which has voluntarily recalled the products out of an abundance of caution. It seems the last import of these onions was August 27.

The FDA published the recall notice from the company on October 20; the onions were shipped to the US from July 1 through August 31, according to ProSource Produce. The recall covers white, yellow, and red raw onions sold to food service companies, wholesalers, and at the retail level in cartons and mesh bags. The product sizes range from 2lbs up to 50lbs.

The product labels used for these onions vary and include brands like Big Bull, Markon Essentials, Rio Valley, Rio Blue, and Sierra Madre, among others. Consumers can look at the packaging to see whether the onions are listed as originating from Chihuahua, Mexico, in which case the recall advises customers to throw them away uneaten or return them to the store for a refund.