Big Button Xbox 360 Controller

So we all knew it was coming, but the "Big Button" controllers that come with the Scene-It video game have finally arrived. The big buttons are colored the same as the standard four buttons from the Xbox 360 controllers and then those same 4 buttons are vertically aligned below the big button.

There is also the Xbox gem and a "Start" and "Back" button on each controller. The big button is obviously to claim you have the answer, kind of like a buzzer, and then the other four are for selecting your answer.

The game is the standard $60, but you also get these 4 controllers with it, so its not really a bad deal all in all. Who knows, I may go get a copy of this game and give you all a full review, but for now, I just wanted show you the controllers.

The Scene It "Big Button" Controller [via Kotaku]