Better Call Saul: extended trailer (finally) gives long look

The Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul is ever nearing, and as its launch date approaches we have yet another trailer to pick through. Unlike the trailers that have been dropped thus far, this one offers an extended look at the show (more than two minutes of footage), giving viewers an idea of what exactly they're in for and a narrative to go with it. We've seen parts of the trailer before, but a good deal of it is new, and it reveals what looks to be a promising series.

The trailer kicks off by introducing us to Saul when he was known as James McGill — a penniless attorney taking on rough clients in an unfriendly world, and suffering more than a couple times for it. His money — or lack thereof — is poignantly shown as the catalyst that helps steer Saul toward becoming the man we came to know in Breaking Bad.

"Money isn't beside the point — money IS the point. The day of reckoning is here." The somewhat humorous trailer takes a bit of a darker turn after this point, hinting at some nefarious activities (as if viewers would expect anything less) with a heavy dose of drama.

Mike yet again makes his appearance, though only as part of the parking garage scenes we've seen before — and, unfortunately, there are no hints about how the two become tangled. The show arrives next month on February 8 with a two-day premiere.