Bethesda Skyrim update hits consoles, finally fixes PS3 bug

Mark Raby - Apr 6, 2012, 9:14pm CDT
Bethesda Skyrim update hits consoles, finally fixes PS3 bug

After months, the patch that will finally fix the game-crippling lag glitch on the PS3 version of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls: Skyrim has gone live. The new patch, which pushes the game to version 1.5, was released on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, and adds a whole bunch of functionality, but it is PS3 players who stand to gain the most from the update. They have been faced with problems from day one.

Bethesda admitted it knew the PS3 could be a problem before the game even launched, but it figured it would be able to eventually patch the title later, so it released the game anyway. Well, that time has finally come. The problem is that as players delved further into the adventure, their save files became unwieldy and caused the game to have extreme lag. The 1.4 update addressed that issue to some extent, but Bethesda still conceded that it wasn’t perfect.

The 1.5 update went live on PC last week, because there is much less red tape if you want to push a download file on a computer than if you want to do the same on a console. Bethesda had to go through the typical Microsoft and Sony hoops for the console version. Nevertheless, it’s finally out now, and players on all platforms are happy. From here on, game updates will be focused on enhancements rather than bug fixes.

[via Ubergizmo]

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