Bethesda brings Skyrim Creation Kit to PC

If you're like any good RPG fan, you've been playing the latest Elder Scrolls title, the fifth installment known simply as "Skyrim," for months on end. And you're probably also not even close to being done with it. The magic and wonder of the ever-vast role-playing masterpiece is about to get even more interesting, as Besthesda is making user-generated content easy to make, find, and download. This is one of the last big reasons to remain a PC gamer.

For obvious reasons, the new Skyrim Workshop and Creation Kit are available exclusively on the PC version of Skyrim. The former, the Workshop, is a digital storefront where users can browse mods that other users have created. There is also a rating and feedback system in place so users can find the best and most popular mods in an instant. The best part – they're all free.

And for those who would rather be the ones on the creation side of things, the Creation Kit for Skyrim makes the process much easier. Previously, it was possible to make custom mods for the game but it was somewhat of a pain. With Creation Kit, there's a scene editor that makes it easy to create high-quality interactions between players and NPCs, and add create much more professional custom content. Bethesda is known for opening its doors to modders, so we knew this was only a matter of time. And now, that time has come.

[via PC World]