Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

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The best Galaxy Note 20 cases offer protection and style and, hopefully, add some features to your phone. While Samsung's regular Note 20 doesn't have a glass back and isn't as expensive as some phones, you'll still absolutely want to protect it with a case.

With that in mind, below, we've gathered up a list of cases that range from thin, colorful, rugged, and some even have built-in wallets or a kickstand. There's something for everyone while we help you keep that phone safe from life's daily abuse.

Speck Presidio2 Grip Case for Galaxy Note 20

Most people want a case that's either super thin or something very rugged and robust. However, one of our favorite cases for any phone is the Speck Presidio2 Grip, as it's a perfect middle ground. It is made from rigid polycarbonate plastic with a soft impact-resistant material on the inside, featuring a 13ft drop protection guarantee.

The Speck Presidio2 Grip is an upgraded model over the original, with the brand's signature grippy ridge lines on the back. This makes the phone easy to hold and grip, not to mention absorbs any impact from an accident. This case is an airbag for your Galaxy Note 20. Buy it on Amazon

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Another favorite and top-selling case for Samsung phones is anything from Spigen, although our first recommendation is the Spigen Neo Hybrid for Note 20. This case has it all, without being too thick and bulky. The Neo Hybrid is slim, form-fitting, and lightweight made from an impact-resistant TPU material with a textured and ridged backing.

Then, Spigen adds an extra polycarbonate plastic bumper guard around the entire frame and across the back, which gives it more durability while looking stylish in a brushed metal paint finish. Perhaps my favorite part about every Spigen case our their tactile and easy to press buttons. Buy it Now on Amazon

Official Samsung Genuine Leather Note 20 Case

If you want to jot down a note or watch a video in style, consider getting Samsung's official premium genuine leather case/cover for the Galaxy Note 20. While these cases don't offer as much overall protection as some on our list, they're still enough to save you from a minor accident. Plus, Samsung's leather case looks, feels, and smells fantastic.

The leather case is super thin, easy to hold, has nice aluminum buttons and a soft microfiber inside to keep your Note safe. Basically, it elevates the refined look of your phone. Buy it on Amazon

Urban Armor Gear Rugged Galaxy Note 20 Case

If you're looking for function over form and want an excellent, rugged, and durable case for the Galaxy Note 20, start with Urban Armor Gear. This military-esque lineup of rugged cases has an industrial design that users either love or hate. However, it's all about keeping your phone safe — this isn't a beauty contest for everyone!

Each UAG case is around $60, but they use five layers of material to ensure your Note 20 won't break when you drop it. Starting with a featherlight composite TPU construction, then layered with things like metal, carbon fiber, leather, or whatever style you choose. We went with the Monarch carbon series, which ends up with a soft-touch metal finish with oversized corners for added drop protection. Somehow these cases are still lightweight and work with wireless charging, so that's a plus. Buy it Now on Amazon

Caseology Parallax Bumper Case for Note 20

Another great option is Caseology, who makes a few different styles we enjoy, starting with the Parallax. Like many from this list, the Parallax has a dual-layer hybrid design to ensure the case is thin, lightweight, yet strong enough for life's daily hazards. We like this green color, too, which almost matches Samsung's color.

The Parallax has a soft impact-resistant TPU shell on the inside, surrounded by a tough polycarbonate plastic outer bumper shell. Caseology doubled the thickness on each corner for drop protection, then added a textured wave to the back for additional grip. That way you won't drop a phone as big as the Note 20. Buy it on Amazon

Spigen Tough Armor Kickstand Case for Galaxy Note 20

The best Galaxy Note 20 cases are ones that are tough, stylish, yet also give you extra features to enjoy. If something like that interests you, buy the Spigen Tough Armor kickstand case. This thing is built like a tank, has a thick dual-layer hybrid design with a little more protection than most cases, plus there's a built-in kickstand.

This Spigen case has raised edges to keep the screen safe, tactile easy to press buttons, a polycarbonate plastic back, yet soft impact-resistant TPU rubber on the top, bottom, and inside to keep your phone safe for as long as you own it. So, pop out that kickstand and enjoy some Disney+ on that 6.7-inch screen. Buy it Now on Amazon

OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear Case

OtterBox is known for making some of the most durable cases on the market, but they're always massive, and it feels like you're holding a brick. That's more true than ever if you throw an OtterBox on an already huge 6.7-inch Galaxy Note 20. So, instead, get OtterBox's latest slim-lined Symmetry series case.

The Symmetry series is a great case that combines the durability of OtterBox with industry-standard thin shell styles. Basically, it's strong without being thick and unwieldy. We're suggesting the clear model to show off whatever Note 20 color you decided on, but it comes in several different finishes. Buy it Now on Amazon

Samsung Official Kvadrat Fabric Case for the Galaxy Note 20

Samsung makes several official cases for the Galaxy Note 20 lineup, but we like the new Kvadrat fabric case. Made from 100% recycled and compostable material, it's easy on the environment and your eyes.

Official cases made by Samsung aren't super durable, but they'll get the job done. They've treated the fabric with a splash and stain-guard, too, so it should stay relatively clean in pockets, purses, or backpacks. Buy it Now on Amazon

VRS Design Damda Glide Wallet Case

This next case won't be for everyone, but it's purpose-built for those on the go. The VRS Design Damda Glide Pro is a rugged and strong case that's finished off with a steel plate in the back. That plate of metal is for durability and shielding to keep your four (4) credit cards safe, hiding inside the case.

Yes, the back of this case slides open to reveal a slot for 3-4 credit or ID cards, plus some cash, which gives you one less thing to worry about when you leave for work each day. The only downside to this wallet convenience is you'll lose wireless charging. Either way, it's a helpful and rugged case to keep your phone safe. Buy it Now on Amazon

CRAVE Dual Guard Protective Galaxy Note 20 Case

The CRAVE lineup is relatively new, but we're glad they finally started making cases for our favorite phones. With the Crave dual guard, you're getting a durable dual-layer hybrid case built to last. They're using a soft inner lining to absorb impacts from drops and accidents, then a hard polycarbonate plastic outer housing.

We like the design because the top, bottom, corners, and camera ring are all covered with the impact-resistant TPU material, while the back and sides are textured hard plastic. Giving you the best of both worlds. As an extra touch, the buttons are shiny chrome for added styling. CRAVE cases come in several colors so pick your poison. Buy it Now on Amazon