Best Buy to open early December 26 with special deals

Let's face it gang, we all know that there is a chance that the gadget you asked for Santa to bring you might not be the right gadget. Little details like processor speed and 3G or non-3G version tend to escape the non-geek when they are shopping. If you end up with a gift that came from Best Buy tomorrow that isn't exactly what you wanted you will have to take it back.

Best Buy has announced that it will be opening early on December 26 at 7am to let geeks and shoppers get into the store to exchange and return things. If you got a gift certificate or money that you need to blow there will be some deals in the store too that you can take advantage of.

Best Buy will have a HP AMD Turion notebook with 3GB of RAM and 320GB of storage for $399.99. Peripherals like laptop mice will be on sale starting at $5.99. If you got a new TV and home theater gear, you need the awesome Logitech Harmony One remote that will be on sale from $159.99, $90 off regular price. Select iPhone 4 cases will be 50% off and some Blu-ray flicks will be offered for $12.99.