Best Buy Mobile offers Christmas discounts on AT&T devices

One of the things I really like about Best Buy Mobile is that it cuts through the hassle when it comes to buying a new mobile phone or other device by offering any rebates instantly rather than forcing you to mail the rebate in. Best Buy Mobile has announced some new AT&T devices at a discount this week for holiday shopping.Best Buy Mobile is offering the Blackberry 9700 for $99.99, the 8900 for $69.99, the 9000 for $89.99, and the 8520 for $29.99. If a Blackberry isn't your thing you can get the AT&T Xenon smartphone free with a new contract.

If you are looking for a netbook the Nokia Booklet 3G is available for $199.99 after a contract for a qualifying data plan is signed. The Nokia Booklet 3G promises 12 hours of battery life and has lots of other features.