Best Buy lowers their price on the HD DVD player for the Xbox 360, then raises it again

Microsoft just lowered the price on the HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 only a few days ago. However, Best Buy doesn't seem too impressed by the $179.99 price tag and has decided to offer it at an even lower price.

According to the Best Buy website you can get your own for $149.99. Granted, that's only a $30 savings, but thirty bucks is thirty bucks. So far, Best Buy is the only store listing the HD DVD player for this low price.

It's amazing how much can happen in the few minutes that it takes to write an article. The price was first noticed around 2 hours ago, and it looks like Best Buy has finally "discovered" the incorrect price on their website. Was this an honest mistake, or is this another of Best Buy's notoriously underhanded tactics just to get people to rush down to the store?

Best Buy selling Xbox 360 HD DVD player for $149.99 [via engadget]