Best Buy issues Macbook Pro battery recall over fire hazard

Third-party batteries may be a cheaper alternative than going the official route, but they're not always the best route to take when it comes to powering your expensive hardware. Such is the case with a batch of ATG replacement batteries for the Macbook Pro, which Best Buy is recalling due to a risk of catching on fire. The batteries are also being sold at

A total of approximately 5,100 batteries are being recalled, both the black and the white versions. These are lithium-ion units, and have model numbers MC-MBOOK13B and MC-BOOK13W, with the last letters signifying the battery's color. Both batteries have the prominent ATG logo, which is black on the white battery, and white on the black battery.

What has prompted the recall? A total of 13 complaints received by the United States Consumer Product Commission, better known as the CPSC. In each claim, the consumers stated that their ATG Macbook Pro battery caught fire within the laptop. Unfortunately, in one incident the owner suffered severe burns on the leg.

For this reason, owners of the affected battery models are being told to stop using them immediately. It goes without saying that selling the defective units is not legal (or ethical). Those with the faulty batteries are being told to get in contact with Best Buy for information on getting an Apple-branded replacement battery. Alternatively, owners can get a $50 Best Buy gift card instead.

The batteries were also issued via Geek Squad Protection fulfillment plans to customers who have the service, with this having taken place between September of 2008 and June of 2012. The cost of these batteries was approximately $50, hence the $50 gift card that some consumers will receive as an alternative to the Apple-branded replacement battery.