Best Buy Installing Blink EV Charging Stations at 12 Locations in the US

If you have an electric car, then you know how it goes to try and keep your vehicle charged. While you may have figured out a system for your day-to-day routine, not everyone may be so lucky, and they may need a way to top off their vehicle of choice while they're out and about. Best Buy is looking to help the cause, by planning to install Blink EV charging stations for electric cars in 12 different locations around the United States.

You'll be able to find the charging stations at stores located in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Diego, among other locations. The initial 12 locations are purely experimental, as Best Buy plays around with the idea of installing the Blink stations in other locations. It's all part of the EV Project, and it's just one more facet of the project to help build up the electric vehicle infrastructure, and other issues.

The entire project should see 16,000 charging stations installed in 15 cities, scattered in 5 different states. According to the company behind the project, ECOtality, that's enough charging stations to support 8,300 additional electric vehicles on the road. The Blink EV charging stations that will be installed at the Best Buy locations will be finished up by March, and hopefully launched at the same time.

[via CNET]