Best Buy customer survey asked about Apple HDTV

The rumors over the last several months have been swirling that Apple is hard at work on its first actual TV set. In rumors the TV set has been called the Apple ITV and simply the Apple TV. We still don't know what the official name will be, or even that Apple is actually working on the product. However, as with many Apple rumors, there is a good chance, the product is in the works. Best Buy has been running a consumer survey that pops up on its website for some viewers asking specifically about an Apple HDTV.

The Apple HDTV is a very strange product to appear on the Best Buy consumer survey since this is not a real product yet. It would seem Best Buy wants to get an idea if its customers were interested in such a TV and at what price it might sell at. The photo you see here is an actual screenshot from the customer survey Best Buy is running.

We're wondering if Best Buy has some sort of insider information or if this is all pure speculation. I would bet this is pure speculation on Best Buy's part, if it actually had any insider information or had talked to Apple about the product, I don't think it would be leaking any details. The survey shows that the set would sell for $1499, would run iOS, support apps, and have a 42-inch 1080p flat-panel display. That price seems expensive for 42-inch set, but Apple can certainly set its own pricing in many instances and be successful. Interestingly, the survey also says TV has an iSight camera and mic for Skype video calls.

[via The Verge]