Beoplay E8 3rd Gen true wireless earbuds boost battery life

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 15, 2020, 3:01pm CST
Beoplay E8 3rd Gen true wireless earbuds boost battery life

Bang and Olfusen has introduced the third-generation version of its Beoplay E8, a pair of true wireless earbuds offering longer battery life over the previous generation. Depending on how often they’re used, the company says that some users can go up to ‘several’ weeks recharging the earbuds with the battery case before they’ll need to recharge the case itself.

As with other true wireless earbuds, the new Beoplay E8 3rd Generation model features two independent earpieces that fit within a battery case where they’re both stored and recharged when not in use. The battery case obviously features its own battery that has to be recharged from time to time.

According to the company, the latest version of its true wireless earbuds features longer battery life at 119-percent over the last generation. Users can expect up to seven hours of run time from the earpieces and another four full charge cycles from the storage case before it, too, must be recharged. It only takes around two hours to fully recharge the storage case, B&O says.

In addition to the longer battery life, the third-generation model also features four microphones instead of two, making beamforming tech possible in the E8 model. Ambient noises from around the user are suppressed, making it easier for the person on the other line to hear you talk. Beyond that, the earbuds also pack ‘Transparency Mode’ for listening in on whatever is going on around you.

Other features include a leather-wrapped case, Bluetooth 5.1, ACC and aptX codec support, and support for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. The model will ship with five ear tips in Grey Mist and Black Mist color options. The price sits at $350 USD, plus there’s the optional Qi wireless charger for $125 USD.

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