BeON smart bulbs learn light patterns to scare away invaders

It's a common tactic: if you're going to be away from home overnight, you leave a lamp on. This will hopefully make opportunistic thieves think twice before breaking in, leaving doubt about whether someone is home. This is an old trick, though, one that has since been augmented with light timers to simulate something a bit more real. That is the basis upon which BeON, a new smart light bulb system, is designed — and, unlike lamps and timers, BeON bulbs include a few extra features that'll cover all the bases.

The BeON smart light bulbs are billed as a home security system that works through time-tested simplicity. If a potential home invader rings the bell to see whether someone is home, for example, the lights will turn on in a pattern based on the actual home user: the bedroom light, perhaps, followed a moment later by the hallway and then the stairwell and entrance foyer.

These patterns are also used to certain degrees while you're away from home, making it seem like someone is in the house casually moving about. If a smoke detector is detected, the lights will turn on in a way that guides those inside to an exit door. Turning the lights off, meanwhile, has them fade to dark, and there's an Instant Nightlight feature than can be used without the app.

Rounding out the features are integrated rechargeable batteries that power the lights if the home's power goes out. Connectivity is achieved through Bluetooth, and each bulb is rated at 800 lumens of soft white light. Funding is being raised through Kickstarter, where about a third of the $100k goal has been hit. Three bulbs can be had with a $199 USD pledge.

SOURCE: Kickstarter