Bentley adds tweed options for Grand Tourer interiors

Bentley Mulliner has announced that it offers new door trim options in tweed for the Flying Spur, Continental GT, and Bentayga. The new interior options aim to provide Bentley's bespoke commissioning division customers with more choice when specifying their vehicle. Bentley offers four contemporary tweed patterns aiming to add a high-quality texture to the near-limitless range of customization options offered by the Mulliner Personal Commissioning Guide.Bentley says by introducing tweed as an option for its complete product range; customers now have the opportunity to choose an even more unique finish for the vehicle interior. Tweed is a tactile woven wool that can finish the doors of the vehicles.

Bentley's tweed selections are chosen to complement the interior design while providing natural color harmony with many of the leather hides are used in the interior of the hyper luxury vehicles. Cheltenham, one of the tweed options, features countryside greens and offers a more traditional choice for customers. Glen Plaid-Tolsta Beach gets its name from the shores of the rugged Outer Herbridesand has a bold check pattern.

Bentley offers two more subtle and contemporary choices with Charcoal and Sand Herringbone tweed designs to complement dark and light interiors on two and four-door Bentley vehicles. Bentley says that the availability of tweed not only adds to its list of options but helps it on its progress towards the use of sustainable materials and its production.

The automaker says that its new trim option is in line with its Beyond 100 strategy meant to help it become a global leader in sustainable luxury mobility. The tweed Bentley is using is sourced from the Lovat Mill located in the Scottish town of Hawick. The mill is known for going to extraordinary lengths to ensure its tweeds are produced in ethical and environmentally friendly ways.