BenQ launches X-series LCD monitors

Daniel Lim - Dec 5, 2007

If you are looking for a all purposes LCD monitor for movie, gaming and web surfing. Look no further, BenQ is rolling out 4 new X series LCD monitors today. The BenQ x900 19” 1280×1024, x900w 19” 1440×900, x2000w 20” 1680×1050 and x2200w 22” 1680×1050 is optimized with BenQ’s exclusive PerfectMotion and Upgraded Senseye® Technology for ultimate gaming experiences. Two preset game modes, action and racing are designed for hardcore gamers with each address the display response accordingly. All 4 models loaded with D-sub/DVi-D inputs with HDCP support.

The bigger two, both 20” and 22” comes with additional HDMI, Audio out and Earphone with the largest supports 92” high color gamut for better image reproduction. With HDCP enable on 5Gbps digital transit HDMI, Both is also ready for prime time Hi-def media like Blu-Ray or Hd-DVD. All units are due to ship by the end of December and prices are to be announced. But unfortunately we only get to see the 19” wide screen version in US. Bummer!

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