BeLuvv Guardian bracelet lets iOS users setup perimeter, keep track of children

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 12, 2013
BeLuvv Guardian bracelet lets iOS users setup perimeter, keep track of children

Children are like ninjas — there one moment, and somehow ten feet away in that second you glanced elsewhere. Taking your kid to a crowded amusement park or other event, especially if more than one child is involved, presents its own stresses, and BeLuvv hopes to ease those worries. The Guardian bracelet is a cute and visually unremarkable device that works in conjunction with an iOS device, offering a variety of features for keeping track of a child.

For now, the Guardian bracelet only works in conjunction with iOS devices, whether iPad or iPhone or an iPod Touch. BeLuvv promises that an Android app is in development, however, and will be available soon, as well as support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. With the app, parents can set up a safety perimeter they want the child to stay within and receive alerts when the kid wanders beyond the limits.

The bracelet has a decent range of 230 feet, which means you’re not going to be using it as a GPS tracker from a distance while, say, a babysitter cares for your children. Instead, the Guardian seems intended more for keeping track of a child you’re out and about with. To ensure it is effective, the bracelet is completely waterproof, and so it can be worn while the wearer goes swimming or is in the tub.

The battery can be replaced by the user and lasts for up to a year, depending on how often the Guardian is used. Though parents can view their child on a map via the app, no data is stored by BeLuvv unless authorized. The unit just began shipping last month, and is priced at $29.95. There’s also an Indiegogo campaign in place intended to fund additional colors, which hasn’t yet hit its goal.


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