Belkin n52te SpeedPad - For the dedicated PC gamer

Gamers are constantly looking for new gear that will give them an edge. While some prefer to invest their money in a better graphics card or a faster CPU, others will make sure that they have the very best keyboard and mouse on the market. If you are one of those people, maybe you should check out the n52te SpeedPad from Belkin.

The n52te isn't your average gaming keyboard. Rather than accessorizing your standard keyboard with macro keys and fancy pad, it removes the traditional keyboard completely. At this point I'm not even sure it can be considered a keyboard. Think of it more as a gamepad.

The SpeedPad focuses as much on comfort as it does performance. It's good that Belkin chose to do this, because we all know that anyone purchasing something like this will be spending more than an hour or two per day playing games. You get backlit keys, a scroll wheel and 15 programmable keys. All of your settings are stored inside the mouse itself, it does not rely on your PC for this.

While I'm sure this would be great for hardcore PC gamers, it's not practical for your average Joe. Every time you want to game you'll need to switch out your regular keyboard to make room. If you need to type, you'll have to keep the other keyboard somewhere handy. If this sounds like your kind of accessory, you can pick one up next month for $70.

Belkin n52te Hybrid Gaming Keyboard, Powered by Razer [via everythingusb]