Belkin and OtterBox announce Samsung GALAXY S 4 cases

I'm sure we'll see our fair share of cases for the new Samsung GALAXY S 4 release over the next few weeks and months, but Belkin and OtterBox have come right out of the gate to announce that they'll be offering cases for the new phone when it arrives in late April. Belkin has already released photos of their new cases, while OtterBox is keeping it a mystery for the time being.

Belkin will be releasing 11 cases in total. The Wallet Folio case being their most premium case for the new phone. It will be priced at $49 and will feature genuine leather, a cover that folds up into a stand, and there will even be pockets inside to store small things like credit cards, IDs, and receipts.

As for OtterBox, they will have their usual lineup of cases available for the GALAXY S 4, including their Defender Series, Commuter Series, and Reflex Series. The Defender Series is OtterBox's premium option that offers the best protection, while the Reflex Series offers a low-profile design that's sturdy enough to take on a few hits.

Belkin says their cases will be available in "April 2013" while OtterBox has yet to officially announce availability, although the cases will "soon be available" for the new device. Again, we should be hearing about more companies in the coming weeks who will be releasing their own cases, but Belkin and OtterBox seem to have been the first ones to the line.