Behold! Record Label, the latest game from Harmonix

As you well know, April Fool's Day falls on the first day of the month. Unfortunately I think Harmonix missed that memo. Perhaps they thought that they might get a few suckers by waiting a few days to pull your prank. It's still pretty funny, even if it is over a week late. I give you Record Label.

First there was Guitar Hero (yes, I'm aware that there were music titles before Guitar Hero, however, the genre really took off with GH) which let you rock out on the guitar. Then came Rock Band which gave you the experience of jamming with a full band. There's really only one direction left to go. You have to manage a band.

That's exactly the idea behind this amusing gag by the Harmonix crew. You'll get everything you need to manage a band, including a branded desk, chair, file cabinet, phone and two pens (for multiplayer fun).

[via CrunchGear]