Beers will soon have nutrition labels in the US

Many beers you buy in the United States will soon come with nutrition labels on the bottle, it has been announced. Brewers participating in the Brewer's Voluntary Disclosure Initiative, which includes HeinekenUSA, Anheuser-Busch, and MillerCoors, will include a small label that shows things like serving size, alcohol content per serving, how many calories is in the beer, the amount of carbs, protein, and fat. So far, the brewers that have agreed to this voluntary labeling account for more than 81-percent of the beers sold in the U.S., meaning just about any beer you get your hands on will have the label.

It appears the nutritional labels could vary from one beer to another, but the Beer Institute says it is supporting and encouraging the use of consistent guidelines across brewers. In addition to the aforementioned items, the institute wants to see some sort of list of ingredients included, whether that is on the beer's label or on the packaging it comes in, through a scannable QR/barcode, or through a mentioned website that contains the info.

Finally, it is also wanting brewers to include a production or freshness date on its labels and/or containers. As well as the above mentioned brewers, Beer Institute says North American Breweries, the Constellation Brands Beer Division, and Craft Brew Alliance are all also onboard with these nutritional labels.

The nutritional information will hit "the marketplace immediately," according to Beer Institute, though brewers are aiming to have compliance across all of their products by late 2020. Check out the timeline below for other beer-related news!

SOURCE: Beer Institute