Beef dog food recalled over dual pathogen risk: All the details

The FDA has published another dog food recall, this one involving a beef-based dog food product that may be contaminated with two risky pathogens: Listeria and Salmonella. Both dogs and humans who touch the dog food can potentially become infected with the pathogens, putting pets and their owners at risk.

The recall comes from Maryland-based company Top Quality Dog Food; it involves the Beef HVM product sold in 1lb packages. These recalled items were distributed in several states, as well as being made available through direct delivery and mail orders.

Fortunately, there haven't been any reports of illnesses linked to the dog food products, which can be identified by checking the label for the lot number "071521." According to the advisory, the recall was initiated after "state surveillance sample" testing found both Salmonella and Listeria in some of the products.

The company says that as of the date of its recall publication, it had already reached out to the customers who purchased the recalled products using its records. Consumers who may have acquired one of these recalled dog food products are told to throw them away uneaten.

Alternatively, customers can return the product to the store from which it was purchased to get a refund. The dog food was made with ground beef, bones, heart, liver, and other organ meats, as well as some fruit and vegetable ingredients like blueberries and carrots.