Beam app shows your texts being typed in real-time

If you're no longer satisfied with only being able to see little ellipses as your chat partner types a message, the text messaging app Beam will likely strike your fancy. It leaves no room for edits — at least, no room for private edits. Rather, everything you type is shown in real time to the person on the receiving end, for better or for worse, meaning you'd better think carefully about what you want to say before taking to the keyboard.

It seems like a simple, inconsequential thing at first. But then you start to remember how many times you've thought twice about sending a message, deleting it instead. You remember all those times you elected to edit a message, toning things down a bit. Then the thought of using Beam becomes slightly horrifying.

Beam says it allows people to chat "in a truly unique way," being much more like having a conversation. When you're talking to someone in person, the pondering is done in your head and anything you say can never be taken back. Such is the nature of Beam.

The app itself is available for Android, and allows for users to customize the background. The sudden attention the service is receiving has prompted the makers to temporarily halt new sign-ups so an infrastructure upgrade can be made, but they promise it'll be back shortly.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed