Beagle sensors monitor a home's health quality

Sensors that monitor the inside of one's home or office are nothing new, but most of them focus on security, not health. While there are indoor health monitoring devices, they usually come as a single device, which needs to be placed in a centralized region in the building or house. Beagle is different, serving as a home quality system composed of a base station and various sensors that can be added on to it.

Beagle sensors are able to monitor various aspects of one's home, including the temperature and air quality (namely, CO2 levels), air pressure, outdoor noise, humidity, light levels, and indoor noise. The sensors are puck-shaped and about router-sized, and can be placed wherever the desired monitoring is needed.

The bedroom, for example, could be home to the light and noise sensors, while the basement could have a humidity sensor and the living room could have an air quality sensor. The information is shuttled to a related mobile app, which syncs with the sensors and presents easily digestible bits of data.

Beagle Sense Inc, the company behind Beagle, is seeking $50,065 USD in funding on Kickstarter, where nearly half the amount has been raised with a week remaining. Those interested can pledge $45 USD to get the intro pack, which includes one base station and a single sensor. Shipping is estimated to start in May 2016, assuming the campaign is successful.

SOURCE: Kickstarter