BBM for Android screen shots surface

If you are an Android user that has lots of friends on BBM for Blackberry and you want in on the Blackberry Messenger action, it looks like the first proof that the app is coming has surfaced. There are a pair of new screen shots that shows the icon and another page from the app. The icon for BBM on Android looks really strange.

It's not quite the same size of the other app icons. It could be that the icon is a placeholder for the real thing since it's still in the dev stage at this point. The other page of the app shows the contact profile page and it has the features in the shot you expect for the BBM service.

There is a chance that these are not the real thing, but there have been rumors before that the BBM service would land on Android. The app is expected to come to market in 2012. Do you think these leaked screens are the real thing?

[via Android Community]