BBC launches a new version of iPlayer for TV

The BBC has announced the launch of a new version of iPlayer today that is specifically designed for TV. This is the first iteration of the iPlayer that is personalized for TV and was specifically designed for the living room. The new player was designed with ease of use in mind and to give the audience control over what they want right on their TV screen.

The goal for the new version of the iPlayer was to make it feel just like TV. It has a simple and visual TV-friendly design that is like changing channels when watching TV. The new version also has an improved search function to help you find the shows you want to watch. The access to shows selected as favorites is also faster.

BBC also improved the recommendation feature to make it easier to find similar shows you might enjoy. The player is also more personalized making it easy to track your favorite shows and resume watching something you didn't finish on your last use. The iPlayer is available on over 300 different connected TV devices. The latest version will launch on the PS3 and will be coming to more TVs in the coming months according to BBC.

[via BBC]