Batter Blaster - For a lazy breakfast

I wouldn't call myself a lazy person per se, however, I do like to put forth as little effort as possible when it comes to things like cooking. I'm the kind of guy that buys the pancake mix that only needs water added. However, I don't think I'll even need to bother with that, thanks to this cool invention.

Picture this, you've got a can of whipped cream, only instead of fluffy white stuff inside, you've got pancake batter. Now all you have to do is squirt this stuff right onto your pan, and presto! You've got pancakes.

Sure, I could always buy those frozen pancakes, but even I draw the line somewhere. Each can only gets you 8 servings, but I really have no idea how many pancakes is in a serving.

Batter Blaster [via coolestgadgets]