Batmobiles new and old hit the streets for Dark Knight Rises DVD release

The Dark Knight Rises – one of the biggest movies of the year – will be releasing on DVD and Blu Ray soon (December 4 to be specific), and Warner Bros. has one whopper of a promotion planned for the lead up to release. Starting this weekend, Warner Bros. will send a total of six Batmobiles on tour across the country. The Batmobiles span most of Batman's Hollywood history, starting with the version seen in 1966's Batman, The Movie starring Adam West and ending with the black and camo Tumblers seen in Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

Of course, there were plenty of Batmobiles between 1966 and 2012, and those will all be on display too. These include the Batmobile Michael Keaton drove in Batman and Batman Returns, the one Val Kilmer cruised around in Batman Forever, and the one from 1997's beyond terrible Batman and Robin. As an added bonus, the Batpod from Christopher Nolan's films will be on display as well.

The tour kicks off this weekend at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas. On Saturday, the Batmobiles will be parked outside the Miller Lite Club, while on Sunday, they'll be on display at half-time during the Cowboys' game against the New York Giants. After the stint in Arlington, the Batmobiles will move onto Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Lousiana the weekend of November 3.

More dates will be announced later on, so no, the Batmobiles will not just be visiting those locations listed above. Make no mistake, if you're a Bat-fan, this is about as good a chance as any to catch a glimpse at the various Batmobiles that have graced the silver screen throughout the years. Will you be making the trip to see these Batmobiles in person?