Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile collectible unveiled

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be arriving in theaters this upcoming March, and ahead of that premiere is a realistic figurine and, mostly importantly, a scaled down Batmobile. The figures come from Hot Toys, which has revealed the upcoming collectibles in a new teaser video. This collectible Batmobile is 1/6 the scale of the real thing that'll be arriving in theaters on March 25.

Hot Toys showcased the Batmobile in a new video on its YouTube account, where we see a bunch of stylish close-ups of what is presumably a quality replication of the movie's Batmobile design. Hot Toys boasts its replica is "highly detailed" both inside and out with a bunch of extra trimmings.

The model's features include remote-controlled headlights and signal lights, as well doors that open and close, lights that illuminate in the interior, a cruising mode, battle mode, and some gatling guns with lights to go with it. Hot Toys will be showcasing the Batmobile collectible on December 18 at the Toy Soul 2015 event in Hong Kong.

Toward the end of the video are also some looks at a Superman figurine, which is similarly high quality though not explicitly shown. It isn't clear when and where the collectibles will be available, nor the pricing. The movie itself will be opening in theaters across the globe in a little over three months, though; check out the timeline below to see the latest trailer!

VIA: Super Hero Hype