Batman: The Dark Knight can be rented directly from Facebook

If you are a big Facebook fan and a fan of Batman, we have some good news for you. Warner Brothers has tied up with Facebook to allow fans to rent and watch the flick directly on Facebook. All you have to do to watch is hop over to the official Facebook page for Batman: The Dark Knight and hit the "watch" button under the movie poster pic.

To view the film takes credits and you have to allow Facebook to access you profile info like friends, picture, and gender. I would assume that to mean you will end up being used to advertise the flick to your friends. I really hate that.

The good news is that you can opt to not allow it to share that information. The downside to not sharing though is that you aren't allowed to view the movie. If you allow your info to be shared, you are sent to a page to start watching. I'm not sure how you get the credits or how many credits you need. I get a message telling me the service isn't supported in my state or region.