Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3 comic includes Catwoman Pickaxe code

In late February, DC Comics announced that it had teamed up with Epic Games to launch a comic book miniseries based on the Fortnite Zero Point event. The miniseries stars Batman and will include a total of six issues made available both digitally and in print. Those who choose the print copies will get a cosmetics code as a bonus.

The Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point miniseries follows Batman after he is sucked onto a strange island — the Fortnite battle royale island — where he loses his memories of where he's from and who he is. The Dark Knight will find himself facing off with a variety of characters from both the Fortnite and DC universes.

In the latest update on this comic book series, DC Comics has previewed Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point issue number 3 — and this time, it features Snake-Eyes from the G.I. Joe universe. Batman and Snake-Eyes will collide on the battle royale island, though neither of them can remember why they're fighting.

The preview teases the potential presence of Harley Quinn in issue #3, further confusing Batman as he struggles to remember that he needs to escape the violent reality. The issue features 32 pages and a redeemable code to unlock the Catwoman Claw Pickaxe in Fortnite.

Each of the six miniseries issues features a code to redeem different Fortnite digital goods. Fans who purchase all six issues and redeem each code will also unlock the Armored Batman Zero skin, according to DC Comics. DC Universe subscribers get access to the comic books and the digital codes; everyone else can purchase the issue for $4.99 or spend a dollar extra to get the card stock print version.