Barobo Mobot is a cheap modular robot kit

Robots are cool but kits to build them can be very expensive. Some of the cool robotic kits we've seen in the past can run thousands of dollars. A company called Barobo has a new modular robotic kit that you can make all sorts of robotic constructs that is very cheap. The kit is called the Mobot and is up for pre-order right now.

The basic kit costs $270, and a number of connection plates and attachments will be available. Users could 3D print accessories too. One available attachment is a gripper arm they can articulate up and down. The kit snaps together rather than using screws. The programming of the robot is done with software using a GUI called RobotController.

People more inclined to do their own programming can also program using C/C++ via the interpreter Ch. Each of the little cube sections are 3" x 3" x 7.43". The joints have 4° of freedom from two body joints and two rotating faceplates. There are six mounting surfaces to mount other modules and accessories, and the kit is Bluetooth enabled. Normal 9 V rechargeable batteries used for power give about two-hour battery life.

[via Flexibility Envelope]