Barnes & Noble CEO says NFC coming to the Nook

Barnes & Noble has been doing very well its Nook line of the readers. The company CEO, William Lynch, is talking about the future of the Nook and giving hints about what we might see in the future for the line. One of the things that he says is coming to the company the rear term is NFC technology.

Lynch says that NFC chips will start showing up "soon" in the Nook line of readers. Recently Barnes & Noble and Microsoft announced a partnership that will have Microsoft investing at least $605 million in a new subsidiary that includes Barnes & Noble's Nook reader and its college textbook business. Lynch talked about the future the business with Forbes recently.

Fortune asked Lynch why the company chose Microsoft partner with. Lynch says that Barnes & Noble brings technology and the understanding of readers and reading while Microsoft offers up access to a huge number of screens. Lynch does point out that at this time Microsoft and Barnes & Noble are not talking about any new hardware collaboration for the Nook or other readers. However, on the software side, he says Microsoft is making interesting integrations with Windows and potentially office for Barnes & Noble tech.

[via Fortune]