Banish loud commercials forever - or at least keep them quiet

There's nothing quite like watching some TV, only for a commercial to come on blearing about how you need to "come on down" for a great deal about something you don't care about. Then you have to turn the volume down, only to turn it back up when your show comes back on.

If you find yourself running into this problem frequently, and happen to have an extra 50 bucks lying around, you might look into the TV Volume Regulator. It's a pretty self-explanatory device. Plug it in, and everything stays at the same volume level.

Honestly, the only thing that I find more annoying than loud commercials are commercials in general. Thankfully since the purchase of my DVR, I really don't watch commercials anymore.

TV Volume Regulator – THE END OF LOUD COMMERCIALS [via ohgizmo]